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Arts Guild of Denton

The Arts Guild (TAG) is an independent organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the arts in our city through our position as the fundraising/volunteer support arm of the Greater Denton Arts Council. Our efforts directly affect the development and success of community arts in the fields of music, drama, dance, visual arts, and literature.

TAG Membership is open to any individual who is interested in supporting the arts in Denton by working with others who share their commitment. General membership meetings are held four times a year. Our major fundraising event, the Auction for the Arts, is held in November of each year.

Individual memberships are:

  • Active - $25.00

  • Patron - $50.00

What Are TAG Activities?

Fundraising --

Businesses, corporations, artists and individuals who acknowledge the value of arts in our community generously donate quality items for supporters of the arts to buy at our annual Auction. TAG has contributed more than $1,000,000. to the arts in Denton, Texas. Each active and auxiliary TAG member is encouraged to participate in solicitation and/or production activities and to support the event by their paid attendance on auction night.

Volunteer Service --

Dedicated TAG members give many volunteer service hours to the Greater Denton Arts Council and its member arts organizations. Requests for volunteer assistance are coordinated through the TAG Volunteer Chairman, who contacts members individually. Active members are asked to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service during the year; Auxiliary members are asked to participate with at least 10 hours of service.

How Do TAG Funds Benefit Our Community?

Money raised at our annual auction benefits hundreds of people, because it is invested to cover many needs:

  • Grants to members community arts organizations of GDAC for their nurturing, programs, and expansion;

  • Building funds for the performing arts, and for facilities to further develop the Denton Arts Complex;

  • GDAC exhibits, programming, and artists-in-residence programs that involve GDAC, the Meadows Gallery, our schools, in addition to workshops, arts related tours and trips;

  • Contingency Fund to be used when needed for the Denton Arts Complex and its operation or supplement the grants or the building fund.

How Does TAG Support the GDAC Grants-in-Aid Program?

TAG funds that we allocated for grants from the 1980 Auction for the Arts enabled the GDAC to establish a Grants-in-Aid Program for eligible community arts organizations and for arts related activities in the community. Our continuing yearly support of grant money has enabled GDAC to obtain matching grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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The members of TAG cordially invite you to join us as we help keep the Arts alive in Denton, Texas.

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