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Kettle Art

Kettle Art opened in November of 2005 with the formation of a business partnership with Kirk Hopper and Frank Campagna. Their landlord liked the idea of a gallery and with the assistance of several really good artists, it's come together fairly easy. The collborative is an artists run venture, driven by people that simply want to shake things up.

Co-founding artist, Sergio Garcia, summed it up best when he said...

'I'd rather push the car to get it started,
instead of standing around waiting for a ride'.

Friday - Saturday: 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Calendar of Events
Oct 2 - Nov 1In the Heart: Downtown Photography from around the Globe'
Nov 1Closing Reception: ''New Works by Justin Terveen''
Nov 1Closing Reception: ''In the Heart: Downtown Photography from around the Globe'' by Richard A. Sharum

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Kettle Art
2650-B Main Street
Dallas, TX 75226
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