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A slow burn thick with Southern style has arrived in Dallas with SMOKE. Fresh from a renovation and concept overhaul, the Belmont Hotel's restaurant reemerges as a homage to an old fashioned smokehouse, with hardwood cooking from scratch and authentic Southern flavors. Led by chef/co-owner Tim Byres, inspired by his recent travels to America's smokehouse roots, SMOKE will offer patrons a culinary experience that satisfies both the palate and soul. Employing time honored cooking techniques and recipes with a commitment to local ingredients, SMOKE is down-home cooking done right.

With two dining areas, a bar and rustic casual patio complete with live music, SMOKE will lend itself to both the foodie and the come-as-you-are crowd. Chef Byres' Southern Inspiration and appreciation for slow, hardwood cooking brings to Dallas a culinary experience to rival the best of the Deep South.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, patrons may order from a menu divided into four sections: at the Bar, for appetizers and small plates: From the Garden, for salads and vegetables; On the Stove serves hot sides and entrees; and On the Grill, for SMOKE's Hearty section of barbeque and hardwood-fired meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. The menu will also offer several vegetarian options. All menu items are priced $25 and lower.

Diners itching to get down to barbeque business can order it old school with SMOKE's family style BBQ Scantron menu – No. 2 pencils included. The Scantron let's diners select their meat portion size – Sandwich, 1/2 lb, 1 lb. – and sides, all by filling in a Cold War styled form. Akin to a sushi menu, SMOKE's Scantron lets hungry patrons bypass the regular menu for quicker access to a hearty meal.

Once orders are placed, patrons can enjoy SMOKE's breadbasket, fresh-from-the-oven cornbread served with Kentucky sorghum molasses butter and homemade sweet and sour jalapeno jelly.

Diners may select from a plethora of sides to accompany their meat entrees, each made from scratch and inspired by southern appetites. Options include Blue Cheese Cole Slaw, BBQ Pinto Beans, Really Good Potato Salad, and a variety of homemade pickled vegetables: green beans, carrots, jalapenos, cabbage, and bread and butter pickles.

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Smoke Restuarant
901 Fort Worth Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208
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